1. The world has been captivated by a “Dark Mind” that betrays the human race.
2. The Dark Mind takes decisions in the soggy climate of unlovely circles, injected to the people in the dark laboratories of parapsychology and rules the world from dark tunnels.
3. The Dark Mind has invaded and destroyed people’s souls, minds, intellects, morals and eventually lives, and then placed the animal instincts of its demonic nature in their stead.
4. The mind of every person infiltrated by the Dark Mind is rapidly demonised and becomes the adversary of the “human”. People who have the dark mind are fooled by the disillusion that they have freedom and independence and they do not realise that they are in fact submitting to the owners of the Dark Mind.
5. The Dark Mind presents doing what is required by animal instincts as freedom and independence. The animal instincts it has injected into the content of the notions of rights, freedom and independence cause continuous conflicts and war among people.
6. The Dark Mind gains strength and power from the inevitable war of animal instincts and enslaves humanity through violent gunmen who has been turned into people that can kill people for one hundred dollars.
7. The Dark Mind has entered all secluded parts of humanity, infiltrated into all important institutes of states, and invaded countries by military or cultural means.
8. By encouraging same-sex relations, the Dark Mind wants to cause humanity’s extinction; by ensuring that wars outside the region it rules continue uninterruptedly, it wants to make an attempt against humanity, and; by exploiting all values and resources of humanity, it wants to sentence them to poverty and eventually make its own sovereignty permanent.
9. The Dark Mind has separated men and women, individual and society, people and the state and injected all of them with the idea of being an entity on its own. Thus it has planted the seeds of continuous conflict. By turning each of these notions/concepts into individual ideologies, it has flooded the world with blood.
10. Humanity is facing the deepest invasion and threat in history.
11. Humanity is dying.
12. “The Dark Mind” is deepening its demonic rule.
13. You cannot fight the Dark Mind by weapons, because bullets cannot harm the mind. The only way one can fight the Dark Mind is by creating a new mind, creating the “Moral Mind”.


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